Misjourney, BluesWillow and DULL-E

Will image diffusion technology replace the human artist?

Blue Willow
Blue Willow Does the Digital Wave

I have most certainly been impressed by the artificially generated artwork created by systems such as Midjourney, Blue Willow and DALL – E, but the reality is that in most of the use cases I desired to have fulfilled it resulted in a complete failure. The primary concept of failure is in exactness or rather the inability to be exact.

/imagine prompt Hyper-realistic Race Car with a Logo and Number on the hood, “Catch 22”.

I tried unsuccessfully to generate a Dinosaur wrapped in DNA or dress my Vette emblazoned with a race logo and number “Catch 22”. I won’t bore you with the poor results.

Is it a technical problem or is there a legal reason for not displaying common alpha characters? Currently none of these systems are effective in detailed design requirements.

So, if you are a decent graphic artist, you are most certainly not at risk of losing your job, keep up the good work and you will be a success.

Get to work
Douse of DALL-E Coffee
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