The Surprise Effect is no surprise at all.

Information, Word of Life
DNA and the Surprise Effect

The origin of language and the first symbolic codes has long been a source of fascination and mystery for researchers, with the question of how we developed the ability to communicate complex ideas and concepts remaining largely unanswered and how genetic information originated a standard scheme or framework very similar to the alphabet and grammar.

However, just by being aware of the concepts known as the “Information Enigma” or “Surprise Effect” you can build a foundation of knowledge to be able to know that the concept of the origin of the first symbolic link is known. Seek after the evidence and it will be found.

John 1:1, "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." 

Knowing the Word of God guides one towards building a strong foundation and a reasonable faith.

The creation of the first symbolic link, which was the connection between a symbol and the object it represented, allows us to communicate about objects and concepts beyond our immediate environment. But this is not unique to language, as DNA and RNA also use symbolic links to represent genetic information.

The symbolic links in DNA and RNA are formed through the pairing of nucleotides, which are the building blocks of these molecules. The sequence of nucleotides in DNA and RNA codes for the genetic information that is essential for life as we know it. The ability of these molecules to store and transmit genetic information is a crucial aspect of the Information Enigma, as it demonstrates the power of symbolic links in the natural world.

Three very well spoken and sophisticated scientists that provide a background to strengthen the belief that life is designed not accidental. Information Theory is not a theory but rather a method for understanding the requirements for using effective communication.

Dr. Wilder-Smith, a prominent biochemist and theologian who turned from atheism will being the youngest General in the British Indian Army, noted the significance of symbolic links in the natural world, stating that “the DNA molecule…is essentially a linear sequence of symbols.” In this sense, DNA can be thought of as a language of life, with the sequence of nucleotides representing the genetic code that underpins all living organisms.

Claud Shannon, a mathematician and pioneer of information theory, also recognized the power of symbolic links in communication. He noted that the ability to encode and transmit information efficiently is essential for effective communication, whether it be through language or other symbolic systems.

Walter Remine, an expert mathematical fields of signal processing and pattern recognition, where he holds four patents. His book The Biotic Message has been well received for its novel insights and arguments against evolutionary theory, and for offering a creationary alternative—a scientifically testable theory of life’s major patterns. 

The Information Enigma or Surprise Effect, which is the concept of the first symbolic link, is not unique to human language but is also seen in the genetic code of DNA and RNA. These molecules use symbolic links to represent genetic information, demonstrating the power of symbolic links.

Think About it and you will know!

Any physical asset used to formulate a scheme, or a code cannot be the cause (origin) of the code.

Any scheme that uses an arbitrary method, isn’t arbitrary.

Ponder that “The Word” is the cause of the Origin of Information and there is no Enigma or Surprise Effect as it should be no surprise at all. The origin of life is the purposeful declaration of the Word of Life.

The Information Enigma or Surprise Effect can be seen as the result of the creative power of language or the spoken word, which is the underlying principle of John 1:1.

The power of language or the spoken word is divine. And it is no surprise that DNA is coded and coded by the one true Coder, the Word of God.

Truth is Known

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