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I have been fortunate to be part of a community of believers that are excited to share their beliefs and are eager to provide a “reasonable” approach to gaining and building up their faith.

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A primary source of wading through the science and the deeper aspects of our faith has been pontificated significantly at Real Science Radio and I invite you to listen to the shows that the primary author of this site has had the opportunity to co-host.

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“Catch 22 and Faster than You”

There are three people that have impacted my faith more than anyone else other than the Lord Himself, it would be my pleasure to introduce them to you.

Bob Enyart

I spent months as one of the editors of “The Plot”, which is the most significant theological treatise I have personally ever had the privilege of reading and reviewing. Bob did the work of 100 men, and it will be a very long time before anyone like him will attempt and accomplish the wonderous works of such a faithful servant. You would do well to learn from him on one of his favorite subjects “the Hydroplate Theory”

Dr. Wilder Smith

A magnificent mathematician with a heart of gold that introduced me to “Information Science”, “Time & Creation” and its relationship the Word of God. I can do nothing but smile when I hear him speak. What a great and wise soul to gain wisdom from.

Walter Martin

The “Original Bible Answer Man”. Is there any other evangelist better when under fire? “Martin Under Fire” is a series of debates that gave me the initial desire to become an apologist myself. If I am able to generate 1% the impact that Martin had on defending the faith, then I will know that it was most certainly a job well done.

Unfortunately, all of these men have gone on to be with the Lord so you will not be meeting them face to face here until you are heaven bound and it is my prayer that we will rise up during these troubling times and represent in good faith the grace of God the Lord has given to us.

Creator, Master Designer, and the Word of Life
Creator, Master Designer, and the Word of Life

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