GODISNOWHERE began in 1995 AD with the primary mission of challenging believers and non-believers about the spiritual, philosophical and theological positions they hold to be true.

GODISNOWHERE has ministered the gospel of grace to thousands of people, and we start with providing methods of reasoning and evidence that builds an understanding that faith and science are most compatible.

Occasionally you might even get to hear from us on radio or rather Spotify.

For many years the annual Capitol Hill’s People’s Fair (located in the heart of Denver) and other festivals and events we put up the banner where the fields were ripe with harvest which commonly resulted with a tent filled with scores of people from every continent and every corner of society passionately declaring, discussing and debating the existence of God.

If you are not willing to challenge what you believe…you better

The name generates conversation and provides an opening to the topic of God’s existence, the gospel, and countless other scientific, philosophical and theological concepts.

The banner is most often read as

now YOU got it

GOD IS NO WHERE is most frequently seen first and appropriately so. With our cognitive desire to solve problems quickly, this response is likely. English language is read left to right and the word NO is completed before the word NOW.

Interestingly, and disappointingly, when many believers see this “offensive” version of the sign, it sadly often goes unchallenged. If the sign was meant as a declaration of “atheism,” then why don’t believers challenge broken beliefs and offer to teach the truth?

GOD IS NOW HERE is our claim.

Today begins an effort to build an online and social presence. Perhaps you have a question or believe that there is something to share here.

All comments and questions desired.

Consider the Information…

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