I dissent and so should you!

Recently I have been encouraged to hear more and more well-educated people abandon the unscientific and unverified mantra’s of the evolutionary paradigm. I am most fortunate to have been mentored by sophisticated reasoning based on engineering and design principles especially by the likes of Dr. Wilder Smith, Dr. Walt Brown and Dr. James Tour. Now is a good time to join the dissenters and become informed that the standard evolutionary model is broken and has always been broken.

Isn’t interesting that scientists always employ design constraints and intelligent guidance when attempting to emulate the prebiotic world? Seems that even this is evidence for the necessity of intelligence in the origin of life. In experiments that aim to replicate early life conditions, researchers must make decisions about the parameters and the components to be used, which is an inherently intelligent process. They often provide purified source content, protect their resources from unknown or wanted external pressures and focus on specific aspects of the process, such as particular chemical reactions or structures.

The complexity of biological systems, including the precise conformations of biomolecules, the role of catalysts, the presence of homochirality, and the maintenance of stable structures, advance the idea that an intelligent agent is required to create life. The fact that life on Earth is dependent on these delicate arrangements and that even minor changes could have significant consequences on an organism’s viability, indicate that an intelligent designer was involved in creating these finely-tuned systems.

This perspective can lead to the conclusion that intelligence is a necessary component in the formation of life, and that abiogenesis from so called natural processes is insufficient to explain the origin of life. In fact, it is a non-starter. Without the involvement of an intelligent agent, specified complexity and irreducible sophistication would not exist. Thank you Lord!

You are not alone

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